Emmerdale fans disgusted as Nicola King abandons daughter Angel in hospital for revenge plot


EMMERDALE fans were left in utter disgust as Nicola King abandoned her daughter Angel in hospital in favour of organising revenge on Moira Dingle.

ITV viewers watched in horror on Thursday night as Angel was left unconscious and needing surgery after the horror car smash.

Nicola abandoned Angel in hospital to seek reveange

Jimmy was left furious after Angel began asking for her mum

During tonight’s episode, Nicola did her best to attempt to support Angel however it was quickly overshadowed by her lashing out at nearly everyone around her.

The panic-stricken mum at first unleashed a war of words on husband Jimmy after she scolded him for failing to pick Angel up from school as she ranted at him for “not being there” when it mattered the most.

Interrupted by Angel’s consultant, she informed the pair that Angel would have no long lasting damage but that her recovery to full health could take several months.

Whilst Jimmy looked at the news positively, Nicola was left aghast as she continued to seek revenge on Moira for her involvement in the crash.

Having been informed by the police that Moira would not face any further action, Nicola sought revenge by any means necessary.

Speaking to Tom King who discovered the wreckage, she learnt that Moira had been ‘up all night’ prior to the incident and she used that information as a new point of blame.

Nicola stormed over to the farm where she viciously hit out at Moira and Cain as they insisted that Moira was not the one to blame.

It left Angel recuperating in hospital without her mum.

A weak Angel muttered: “Where’s my mum, I want my mum!”

Nowehere to be found, Nicola was instead back in the village trying to persuade Tom to give a statement to the police on Moira being ‘tired’ when she got behind the wheel.

As Tom refused, Nicola returned to the hospital but told Jimmy she would not be stopping and did not even go and see her ailing daughter.

A pent-up Nicola said she would be rushing straight off in search of “justice” and would use her connections at the Council to find Moira responsible.

However, as Jimmy told her that she should focus on Angel’s recovery, the pair came to blows once more as Jimmy insisted “everyone” was to blame for the accident.

Fuming, Nicola told him to “go to hell” as she stormed off, abandoning Angel once again.

Viewers were shocked and disgusted at Nicola’s actions as one said: “Nicola has got to be the most unlikeable long term character #Emmerdale has ever had. You couldn’t like her if you reared her. Just horrible.”

Another wrote: “Can’t be doing with Nicola tantrums again!”

As a third penned: “I thought I couldn’t dislike Nicola any more than I do but after tonight I really can’t stand her character!”

Nicola had stormed out in search of ‘justice’

She confronted Moira about her ‘role’ in the accident
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