Emmerdale fans disgusted as Samson Dingle makes vile decision about baby Esther


EMMERDALE viewers are disgusted with Samson Dingle after he took vile action against ex Amelia Spencer.

The teenage father – who is played by actor Sam Hall in the ITV soap – hit a new low in tonight’s episode.

Emmerdale fans disgusted as Samson Dingle makes vile decision about baby Esther

Amelia and Sam had sex and now have a baby together

Viewers know he has no interest in being a dad and was desperate for Amelia Spencer to have an abortion when he found out she was pregnant.

The pair slept together earlier this year as a drunken mistake.

However after the baby was born, Samson failed to have a change of heart.

And in tonight’s episode as Amelia worried she was failing as a mum, Samson seized on her vulnerabilities to tell her that she would fail.

He told her it would be best for all of them if they had Esther adopted.

His words devastated Amelia, and enraged her boyfriend Noah who took Samson to task for his cruel words.

But after the furious words from Noah, Samson made a shocking decision.

“Hello social services,” he said picking up the phone.

“I think a baby’s being neglected.”

Viewers are completely disgusted at Samson for his decision.

One wrote: “Never known anyone like Samson.. trying to put his child up for adoption whilst it’s mother is capable. He needs to step up now. He’s had his fun in making the child now there’s responsibilities for them actions #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Samson is the most selfish and irresponsible and Esther don’t deserve Samson as a father #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “Why is Samson acting like Amelia is the only one at fault? 2 to make a baby.”