Emmerdale fans disgusted at Charity Dingle as she reacts to son Ryan’s mum Irene’s death


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted at Charity Dingle for her behaviour after discovering son Ryan Stocks’ adoptive mother Irene died.

The scam artist – who is played by actress Emma Atkins in the ITV soap – was too busy to notice that her eldest son’s world had been turned upside down last night.

Emmerdale fans are sickened by Charity’s reaction to Irene’s death
She let rip at both Mackenzie and Ryan in Tuesday evening’s episode

Instead it took boyfriend Mackenzie telling her the news – and she reacted badly.

Even after discovering the truth, Charity raged at Mackenzie and Ryan for not telling him herself.

Assuming Mackenzie had been insulting her, she lay into him: “I think you’re pathetic and needy.

“You know I was with Vanessa for years and know those kids are like brothers. I have every right to see her. But you had to go and punish me, didn’t you? 

Turning to Ryan, and ignoring his obvious upset, she said: “You do know this is about his jealously and not to trust him, because I know full well he’s been slagging me off.”

Mackenzie told her he hadn’t – and pointed out that Ryan didn’t need to hear all that having just lost his mum.

“Well I’m his mum as well,” she said – forcing Ryan to put her in her place.

He told her she isn’t his mum and that Mackenzie had been trying to get him to tell her about Irene and that she should go.

Kicking her out, Ryan told her he didn’t want her around but once she left – he turned to Mackenzie and told him to run after her.

“Nah mate, not this time,” replied Mackenzie.

“I’ve had enough.”

Charity overheard his words and looked devastated but fans are too disgusted with her behaviour to care.

One wrote: “Eugh Charity being such a cow as usual. Trying to blame Mackenzie when he’s been there for Ryan.”

A second said: “Charity deserved that especially as she still didn’t get how much an a*** she’d been.”

Another added: “Charity acting like a selfish t*** as per!!”

Charity rowed with Mackenzie after he told her Irene had died

She accused him of being ‘jealous’