Emmerdale fans disgusted with David Metcalfe for faking whiplash to get cash from Nicola King


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted with David Metcalfe for faking whiplash after Nicola King car crash.

The shopkeeper – who is played by actor Matthew Wolfenden in the ITV soap – faked an injury with Dr Liam in an effort to cash in on the minor collision with Nicola and get a payout for thousands.

Emmerdale fans disgusted with David Metcalfe for faking whiplash to get cash from Nicola King
Nicola has been acting out in the last few weeks

Viewers know Nicola has been struggling to cope since she was attacked.

“Ever since the attack, I’ve not been right,” she said tonight finally opening up to Laurel and Bernice.

“Waking up in hospital after what that girl did to me, I can’t make any sense of it. I’m terrified all of the time.”

She added: “She took my driving licence so she knows where I live.

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“I can’t stop thinking that her and her mates are coming here. 

“Nothing’s oK anymore – I’ve never felt this scared in my entire life. 

“I only have to think about going outside and I’m physically shaking with sheer panic. 

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home, like I’m under attack the whole time. Then I’m terrified of being left here by myself.

She broke down sobbing on Bernice and Laurel, while over the road David and Eric plotted to pile more worry onto her.

However when they tried to get her to open up more – she lost it, insisting she just needed to be left alone.

She threw them both out, screaming at her sister for leaving her to be attacked.

Bernice was left terrified for her sister – and things are set to get even worse.

Viewers know David is faking whiplash from the car accident – in an attempt to claim thousands from Nicola’s insurance.

In tonight’s episode he faked his way through a medical appointment with Liam to get a diagnosis of whiplash so he could rinse Nicola for cash.

And viewers are completely disgusted with him for it.

One wrote: “David and Victoria are a horrible couple. Leave Nicola alone shes going through hell right now!!”

A second said: “Lowlife, David… #Emmerdale.”

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