Emmerdale fans disgusted with Gabby Thomas’ vile insult to Dawn Taylor


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted with Gabby Thomas after she exposed Dawn Taylor as a prostitute to her kids.

Viewers know Dawn was forced into sex work after being abandoned as a child with a drug habit.

Emmerdale fans are horrified by Gabby Thomas’ behaviour

She made a dig about her working as a prostitute in front of her kids

And tonight Gabby used that information to insult Dawn.

Fresh from her humiliation with Lewis, Gabby was smarting for a fight.

And when Dawn refused to stop her studying and look after baby Thomas for her, Gabby couldn’t resist shooting a vile insult across at her.

“You know Lucas was in foster care, for God’s sake,” Gabby spat. 

“Who was feeding him when you were too busy shooting up drugs and working as a prostitute?”

Will then thundered in with the kids as Lucas asked his mum what a prostitute was.

Dawn was devastated and fled in tears as Will warned Gabby she would regret what she’d done.

And later Dawn was forced to come clean to Lucas and Clemmie.

Explaining she told them: “It’s not good, it’s what people do when they feel very desperate and like they don’t have a choice.

“My life wasn’t like it is now. I didn’t have a nice house, I didn’t have good people around me, and I had a lot of problems.

“When you lead a life like that, you make bad choices, so when I was very poor men would pay me to go out with them. 

“But they weren’t nice men and they didn’t care about me. And if you’re going to get close to someone then it’s better that they care about you.

“My life wasn’t good but it taught me things. All them bad decisions I made, I’m putting right now. By making better ones, by giving you two a good home, and keeping you safe and happy. 

“You two mean the absolute world to me, so whatever I did in the past, I want to be a mum you can be proud of.”

And while Dawn managed to turn it around, viewers are still sickened by Gabby’s insult.

One wrote: “We see that Gabby has still got that poisonous tongue.”

A second said: “Alright Gabby wind ya neck in bit harsh that.”

Another added: “Gabby thinks she’s really something doesn’t she.. what a horrible woman.’

Lucas asked his mum what a prostitute is

She gently told the kids about her past