Emmerdale fans fear Chas will leave Paddy as social services are called over him forgetting baby Eve


EMMERDALE fans think Chas might end up leaving Paddy after he makes the massive mistake of leaving baby Eve alone in the car.

During tonight’s episode Chas is still reeling about what happened and the couple – who were involved in a harrowing stillbirth storyline on the ITV soap in 2018 – face even more heartache as they learn social services will be involved.

Chas was devastated to learn social services would be involved
Paddy feels horrifically guilty for for forgetting Eve

On Thursday evening Paddy made a serious blunder as he rushed Marlon to hospital when he has a heart attack.

But in his panic Paddy ended up leaving baby Eve in the car as he rushes inside after Marlon.

When he realised what he’d done he ran back to the car, but was horrified to find that Eve was nowhere to be found.

The vet later comes clean to Chas, who is fuming that he could have been so careless.

Paddy visits Gracie’s grave this evening
Paddy left Eve in the car by accident

Tonight, Chas is racked with guilt about what has happened, while Chas is giving him the cold soldier.

He goes to visit Gracie’s grave and laments that he’s not fit enough to be a dad.

Chas later calls Aaron who notices that something isn’t right but Chas refuses to say what happened.

What will happen when the social services arrive and will Chas be able to forget the incident?

Those watching at home seem to think they could be on the rocks and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “I don’t like seeing Paddy & Chas like this why can’t they just be happy @emmerdale”

A second added: “chas and paddy don’t deserve any of this, i will murder someone”