Emmerdale fans fear Laurel Thomas has made a devastating mistake

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EMMERDALE fans have been left fearing the worst after Laurel Thomas made a devastating mistake.

The restaurant manager – who is played by actress Charlotte Bellamy in the ITV soap – discovered how son Arthur had been helping friend Marshall hide from his abusive and homophobic father.

Fans watched on as Marshall’s dad was called in by Laurel

Arthur was left devastated after finding out

He begged her to not send him home but in the end Laurel had no choice.

She summoned Marshall’s dad Colin and engineered a reunion – which seemed to go well with Colin embracing his son.

But after Laurel filled Arthur in on what happened, he was horrified.

“He’s gone home, Colin came to pick him up,” she said.

Laurel proudly boasted that she’d got Colin to see sense and let Marshall stay in school with his friends and keep his friendship with Arthur.

“He’d never do that, he’s massively homophobic,” Arthur said also revealing how Marshall hadn’t text him all afternoon since reuniting with his dad.

“He’ll never change his mind in one day.”

As Laurel and Jai tried to calm him down, Arthur told them: “He called me a disgusting little pervert and warned me not to touch his son.

“It was horrible and embarrassing. He hasn’t changed, he never will. He’s just making you think that.

“The last time Colin was upset with him he made him quit school. This punishment’s going to be way worse. Mum, what have you done?”

Laurel said: “I think I’ve made a huge mistake.”

And viewers agreed, terrified for Marshall with his dad.

One wrote: “I think she has made a huge mistake, he’s still horrible, and was always Mr Nice Guy act… Let’s see tomorrow.”

A second said: “Oh Laurel, what have you done?!”

Another added: “Made a mistake? Too right you have Laurel.”

Laurel looked to have understood she made a mistake