Emmerdale fans fear Paul Ashdale will murder son Vinnie after he let slip about his secret gambling


EMMERDALE fans fear Paul Ashdale will murder son Vinnie after he told Liv Flaherty about his dad’s secret gambling.

The addict – who is played by actor Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – had gambling away Mandy’s money, forcing his son Vinny to steal from Liv’s brother Aaron to hide the loss.

Paul Ashdale’s gambling secret has been revealed

But tonight it was clear Liv had spotted him – and she confronted him about his theft.

Liv was left shocked by Vinny telling her the truth, but she warned him that his dad should come clean – or she would do it for him.

Vinny went to his dad and told him: “I just wanted to talk to you, that’s all. 

“Liv knows about your gambling. She saw me put the money in my pocket yesterday and I told her everything. 

Liv got the truth out of Vinnie
Vinnie was terrified of his dad’s reaction

“I told the truth. She thinks you should tell mum, and if you don’t she will. I think she’s right.”

At that Paul flew off the handle again and advanced on Vinny, leaving him cowering behind a chair.

And fans think Paul could be capable of going several steps further to protect himself.

Liv has threatened to spill Paul’s secret

One wrote: “I feel Vinny has blown his chances now. Paul will do all it takes to stop his gambling secret from spiralling to Mandy. Even if he had to kill Vinny he could if he had to. Vinny needs to do the right thing and needs to stop taking risks.”

A second said: “Paul is horrible. Wish Vinny would tell his mum how violent of a man he his. Poor Vinny.”

Another added: “What a vile, cowardly bully Paul is! He doesn’t deserve Vinny. If Mandy knew the way he’s been to Paul, she’d throw him out! #Emmerdale.”

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