Emmerdale fans fear Wendy will steal Victorias baby as she watches her waters break


EMMERDALE viewers are convinced Wendy Posner is going to kidnap Victoria Sugden’s baby tonight.

The midwife – who is played by actress Susan Cookson in the ITV soap – was seen watching Victoria as she left the pub in tonight’s New Year’s Eve episode.

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But just seconds later and yards from where she stood being watched, Victoria’s waters broke.

Viewers know Wendy has been harassing Victoria for months, insisting her evil son Lee didn’t rape her and that she would be part of her grandson’s life.

Lee brutally raped Victoria earlier this year after refusing to leave her house after a night out.

He later text her to cover his tracks and pretend he hadn’t raped her, insisting to police they had had consensual sex.

Wendy was watching out of the window

Victoria struggled to cope in the aftermath and when she discovered she was pregnant agonised about keeping the baby, but when Lee found out she was pregnant he tried to blackmail her.

He forced her and her brother Robert to hand over 10,000 in return for not fighting for visitation after what he had done – an event that led to his murder.

Meanwhile Victoria found happiness with a new man – but he turned out to be Lee’s brother Luke and viewers were disgusted at the soap for forcing her to deal with her rapist’s family.

And now fans think Wendy kept watching Victoria and will steal her child.

One wrote: “Wendy’s going to get the baby, isn’t she?”

A second said: “Wendy is gonna come to the rescue. Again. #emmerdale”

Another added: “Do not tell me f***ing Wendy will deliver Vics baby!!!! #Emmerdale”