Emmerdale fans horrified as sobbing Liv Flaherty is charged with Ben Tucker’s murder


EMMERDALE fans have been left horrified as a sobbing Liv Flaherty is charged with Ben Tucker’s murder.

The troubled youngster – played by Isobel Steele – had a drunken row with Ben in the hours before his death.

Liv Flaherty has been charged with murder
She was interrogated at the police station

While viewers know it was really serial killer Meena Jutla who murdered Ben – having battered him with a canoe paddle – Emmerdale residents have no idea.

In tonight’s double bill, Liv was taken in for questioning after the police received a tip off from Lydia.

Liv protested her innocence, insisting she was too drunk to have been able to murder Ben.

However, the cops argued that if she was so drunk and can’t remember what happened, how can she be sure she didn’t kill him.

They also pointed out that Ben had her DNA under his finger nails and she had a scratch on her neck which she couldn’t explain.

Liv begged: “You’ve got the wrong person! You have to believe me!”

But in the final moments of the show, worried Aaron received a call from Liv and he immediately asked her if she needed picking up from the police station.

She replied tearfully: “No, I can’t come home Aaron. I’ve been charged with murder.”

A shocked Aaron replied: “What?” and she said as tears rolled down her cheeks: “They found the phone footage, they found my DNA on Ben. They think I killed him.

“I didn’t Aaron, I didn’t. I promise me I didn’t…you do believe me don’t you?”

The episode ended with a distraught Aaron unable to answer, and viewers were equally emotional about the injustice.

Taking to Twitter one wrote: “Meena has got away with it yet again. Poor Liv.”

Another added: “Oh liv :((“

A third tweeted: “Liv has been charged with murder [heartbreak emoji] OMG. Lydia you cow.”

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