Emmerdale fans horrified by Samson’s response to Amelia’s pregnancy – and so is Dan Spencer


SAMSON Dingle demands Amelia Spencer to give their baby up for adoption in a heated argument – and their dads get involved.

Viewers were left gobsmacked after Amelia’s baby daddy was finally revealed to be Samson.

Amelia decides to keep the baby

Samson was revealed as Amelia’s baby daddy

Despite initially opting to have an abortion, she decided to keep the baby.

But Samson was far from pleased by the news and he asked Amelia why she didn’t have the abortion.

She replied that she couldn’t because she was over 24 weeks and how she has changed her mind and wants to keep it.

But Samson insisted she gives the baby up for adoption.

Amelia told Samson that it’s not up to him, leading to a screaming match outside.

Their dads overhear them arguing and try to calm them down – but this backfires massively.

Dan lunged at Samson after he made a comment about Amelia’s mum being dead.

He grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him and yelled: “I’ll rip his head off.”

Sam Dingle is them forced to intervene and push Dan back to get him off his son.

Dan then told Samson to “stay away” from Amelia- to which Samson replied: “I wish you told me that a couple of months ago.”

Sam shouted at the father and daughter to go back into their house to calm down.

Can the families put their differences aside for the sake of the baby?

Fans were horrified by Samson’s behaviour and demand to give their baby up for adoption.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Watching #Emmerdale for the first time in months and when did Samson, lovely, lovely Samson become a vicious, selfish thug? I do not like it.”

Another wrote: “tf has happened to Samson #emmerdale”

A third penned: “I’m gutted that they’ve turned Samson into a teen s**t within 1 episode.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV.

Sam defends his son

Dan is livid at Samson

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