Emmerdale fans in floods of tears as deadly storm kills another villager in harrowing scenes


EMMERDALE fans were left breaking down into tears during tonight’s heartbreaking episode as Liv Flaherty succumbed to her injuries. 

The ITV soap has featured devastation and destruction all week with the death of Harriet Finch in a horrifying quad bike accident as well as Sam Dingle being brutally impaled as he tried to escape the cow stampede alongside Nate Robinson.

Liv died from her injuries in devastating scenes

Vinny sobbed as his wife slipped away following a horrific accident

Last night, viewers saw Dales favourites Vinny Dingle and Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) become trapped by a caravan which smashed them against David’s shop during the brutal weather conditions.

At the start of tonight’s show, Vinny (Bradley Johnson) managed to escape from the trapped vehicle but he quickly realised things were not looking so great for his wife as her brother Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) rushed over. 

The pair were left horrified at Liv’s state as they called for the emergency services to help rescue her but there were delays due to the explosive weather and increased numbers of call-outs.

As Vinny and Mandy (Lisa Riley) aimed to keep Liv’s spirits high, she made the heartbreaking admission that she could no longer feel her legs.

The emergency services eventually arrive as the residents of the village attempt to help clear the debris from the roads. 

As paramedics tend to Liv and help to save her, Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is informed that they have done all that they can and because of where the caravan has landed, it has crushed her lower body and is the only thing keeping her alive.

Were they to attempt to move the vehicle, Liv would face instant death. 

Aaron is heartbroken as Vinny is inconsolable as he raged at the paramedics that there must be more they can do.

As Aaron realises he has to keep a steady head, he crouches down by Liv to spend some final precious moments with her. 

Liv jokes: “I bet you wish you’d stayed in Italy now.”

Aaron clutches his sister’s hand as she tearfully declares: “It’s not the same here without you.”

Aaron tells her he is sorry as Liv thanks him and tells the scrapyard owner that she ‘owes him everything’. 

As their chat gets emotional, realising time is precious, Aaron tells her: “I’m gonna let you spend a bit of time with your husband now.”

Vinny heads down to chat to his wife as they discuss their plans to travel the world together with a whole host of pets.

As Liv began to realise that she is dying, she said to Vinny: “Promise me that you’ll do those things.”

Vinny tells his wife again that they will ‘do them together’, as Liv replies: “I’m not coming out of this Vinny.”

As somber music played and Liv declared her love for Vinny, she uttered her final sentence: “I never knew anyone could make me so happy.”

Liv then drew her final breath leaving Vinny devastated.

Viewers at home could not stop the tears from falling as they shared their thoughts.

One said: “Tonight’s episode of #emmerdale has broken me, it was heartbreaking, raw,emotional and beautifully written this is the sort of scenes what makes Emmerdale good not all the stunts.”

Another added: “I promised myself that I wasn’t gonna cry, but I’m sat here with a broken heart and tears running down my face.

“I’m gonna miss Liv so much, we miss you already @Isobel_steele.”

A third wrote: “Oh my god, Emmerdale’s just about finished me off.”

While a heartbroken fourth penned: “OMG @emmerdale you have broken me!!! Sitting here sobbing!”

The caravan trapped Liv when it smashed into her in the storm

Things went downhill after Liv said she couldn’t feel her legs

Aaron was forced to say goodbye to his sister after being told she wouldn’t survive

Emmerdale continues all week at 7:30pm on ITV.