Emmerdale fans in shock as Dr Liam and nurse Wendy romp in the surgery


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Dr Liam Cavanagh and nurse Wendy Posner romped in the surgery again.

The awkward pair started off trying to reassure each other that what they did would never happen again on Emmerdale.

Fans were gripped by the steamy action on tonight’s show

But they soon began talking about terrific their sexual union was.

However their lies to cover up their romping failed to convince everyone and the guilt nearly did Wendy in.

When she went to speak to Liam, his attempts to make her feel better and reassurance they would never repeat their mind-blowing encounter again, failed completely.

And Wendy went from spanking the printer to playing doctors and nurses with Liam again.

“You are incredibly irresistible,” Liam told her. 

“You just do something to me Wendy. You know like I said this morning that you aren’t sexy, well you are intensely sexy. 

“You can’t help it – it just oozes out of every pore. I know we said it shouldn’t happen again but what if it does?”

“It will not,” said Wendy.  “I guarantee it.”

But fans don’t think they are done and they are shocked about the surgery romp.

One wrote: “Their next story will be called “Liam, Wendy and The Printer!”

A second said: “Turned on by someone getting the printer working in a strange sexual way… Suppose we all have our quirks in life.”

Another added: “Hilariously cringeworthy!”