Emmerdale fans in shock as Nicky Miligan makes shock confession to Gabby Thomas on their wedding day


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Nicky Miligan dropped a bombshell on Gabby Thomas minutes before their wedding.

The nanny – who is played by actor Lewis Cope in the ITV soap – has seduced millionaire Gabby as part of his dad’s revenge plan against Kim Tate.

Nicky Milligan made a shock confession on Emmerdale

But with their wedding day well underway, Nicky was horrified when he got a call from lover Ally, revealing he was outside.

Rushing downstairs he dragged Ally away from his future mother-in-laws

“I’ve made it too easy for you to carry on with this ridiculous charade and I thought if I was stood in front of you,” he said.

“Just think about what you’re throwing away – the life that we could have together. Come with me, right now. We can just walk out of that front door and just keep walking.”

Despite clearly thinking about it, Gabby’s arrival saw Nicky send Ally packing but later it became clear that his words had had the desired effect.

When Nicky went to check on Thomas, he ran into Gabby and she questioned what Ally was doing here and then asked about his dad.

And when Gabby asked him to adopt Thomas, it was too much for Nicky.

The lies were clearly getting to him and he made a shock decision.

He told Gabby: “I think… I can’t do this.

“I’m not just talking about adopting Thomas. It’s all of it. Me, you, the wedding, everything. 

“You don’t understand Gabby, I can’t marry you because I’m gay.”

Gabby looked shocked and fans joined her.

One wrote: “Nicky. Oh s**t!!!”

A second said: “Nicky’s confessed to Gabby’s he’s gay! That’s the wedding down the drain then!”

Another added: “Gabby’s world destroyed on wedding day”

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