Emmerdale fans left blushing as Jimmy and Nicola’s vigorous romp in cabin shakes the walls


EMMERDALE fans were left red-faced as Jimmy and Nicola King enjoy a vigorous romp in the cabin causing the office to shake.

ITV soap viewers were left heartbroken for Nicola after she ended her marriage to Jimmy after discovering he cheated with Mandy Dingle.

Emmerdale’s Nicola and Jimmy King enjoyed a cheeky romp in the cabin offices

Despite living under the same roof for the sake of son Carl, Jimmy and Nicola continued their feud in tonight’s episode.

Nicola’s sister Bernice Blackstock and best friend Laurel Thomas planned to work some magic to try and get Nicola and Jimmy back together.

Bernice noticed a warm moment between the pair, and she began to wonder if there’s still love between them.

The salon owner and Laurel decide to lock the rowing pair in a van together – to remind them of the first time they got together.

However, their plans go awry when the van heads off to Grimsby, leaving them with frantically searching for another idea.

Meanwhile, Bernice persuades Nicola to go to the office to help Jimmy secure a new contract.

After she arrived on site, Laurel lets slip that Jimmy failed to land the contract and convinced her to go inside the cabin to give him a piece of her mind.

Angry Nicola stormed into the cabin, but before she realised Bernice and Laurel and locked the pair inside.

Despite enjoying a champagne picnic, it wasn’t long before they were left screaming at each other.

Nicola yelled: “Do you know what Jimmy, bad things happen, awful things to people who don’t deserve it.

“But if you love each other enough you get through it together.”

Jimmy replied: “I do love you, I would lay down my life for you.”

Nicola hit back: “Why did you kiss Mandy Dingle?”

“Why did you dismantle my business?,” Jimmy fumed.

“Well someone had to take control, you obviously weren’t going to,” the businesswoman replied.

He exclaimed: “Because I’m not allowed to, it’s your way or the highway.

“That’s why I went off with Mandy Dingle, it’s because I’m married to a control freak.”

Nicola was only warming up, she hit back at Jimmy for “salivating over randy Mandy”.

Nicola screamed: “Does she know that you tuck your shirt into your underpants?”

“It keeps me warm, which is what you need when you’re married to a woman who has a block of ice where her heart should be,” Jimmy raged.

“Well you lost your spine on the way, so we make a good couple don’t we?,” she replied.

Jimmy agreed: “Yes we do!”

The flustered pair then ran towards each other and enjoyed a cheeky romp as viewers watched the cabin walls shake.

Nicola’s and Jimmy’s clothes were then flying across the cabin and a series of cringeworthy groans were heard.

ITV viewers were left blushing at the rendezvous.

One wrote: “Wow I am howling at Jimmy and Nicola”

Another shared: “Way, way, way too much information from Jimmy & Nicola ”

A third added: “Did we have to hear nicola and Jimmy having sex ffs”

Later on, Bernice and Laurel returned but Jimmy and Nicola did not let on and stormed out of the cabin after the opened the door.

It looked like the plan to reunite then pair may have gone down a treat, as Nicola and Jimmy shared a smirk.

Jimmy came clean about his recent snog with Mandy Dingle

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