Emmerdale fans left blushing as Mary shows off sexy lingerie – with a disastrous twist

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EMMERDALE fans were left blushing after Mary Goskirk showed off sexy lingerie – with a disastrous twist.

Tonight’s episode saw Mary (Louise Jameson) preparing for her date with a lady she had met online called Joy.

Mary got a shock when she saw her date, Joy

In one scene, she was seen having a pre-date pampering session while chatting with daughter Rhona (Zoe Henry).

She revealed she had been into town and bought some sexy lingerie in case her date went well, before pulling a lacy red bra and matching pants out of a small boutique-style bag.

Rhona looked at it and said it was nice, but warned her mum to only do what she felt comfortable with and not expect too much from a first date.

She was wise to warn her, as after getting dolled up and heading to the Woolpack, Mary was stunned when a sweaty Joy arrived in her cycling gear covered in mud.

As the women chatted, Joy revealed it had been her kids who had been messaging Mary as they didn’t want her to embarrass herself by talking about cycling all the time.

Mary let her down gently saying they didn’t have enough in common, meanwhile back at home, Rhona and Marlon were having a heart to heart.

Marlon has been getting worked up about the fact they haven’t slept together since his stroke, and he feared his wife no longer fancied him.

But Rhona was confused when he said: “But it’s weird, I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing but I’ve been worried you haven’t.”

Rhona asked: “What thing?” and he replied: “Well, I saw your little present.”

When Rhona said she didn’t understand what he was getting at, Marlon pulled out the bag with the lingerie inside.

He said: “They’re beautiful and oh my God you’d look amazing in them, but I was hoping for a bit less… just with it being our first time in such a long time….”

Looking mortified, Rhona told him: “They’re not mine, they’re my mother’s, she bought them for her date.”

While the couple ultimately still ended up heading upstairs, Emmerdale viewers couldn’t help but comment on the lingerie moment.

One wrote: “Surely Mary isn’t going to wear just a bra & knickers on her first date?

“She’ll be wearing clothes as well…won’t she?”

Another added: “Didn’t need that image of Mary in her underwear.”

A third tweeted: “Marlon in for a world of disappointment now – not to mention the mental image in his head about Mary wearing them!”