Emmerdale fans left floored as Charity Dingle drops huge bombshell on Mackenzie Boyd


EMMERDALE viewers were left floored as Charity Dingle issued a final ultimatum to Mackenzie Boyd following the exposure of his baby bombshell.

Charity, played by Emma Atkins, has been left reeling after discovering that her new husband had secretly welcomed a baby with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland).

Charity was confronted Mackenzie about the future of their relationship

Confirming to Mack that they had no future, she insisted she was starting divorce proceedings

Now, unaware that Chloe has declared her willingness to be with Mack, Charity dealt a final blow to him about the state of their future.

After spending time with Moses and Mack, Charity confessed that each time she saw him she was starting to hate him less and less.

In tonight’s episode, she made a courageous decision to put an end to the union once and for all in a move that nobody saw coming.

Confirming to Mack that they had no future, she insisted she was starting divorce proceedings.

She said: “In case you don’t think I mean it, let me say one thing.

“I want a divorce.”

Mack tried to convince her that they would be able to make everything work once again.

He said: “Charity, I love you…”

Before he could continue, she cut in and said: “Please stop saying that like it’s gonna fix everything.

“I have really tried to get past this because I know more than anyone what it’s like to make stupid mistakes.

“I really want to forgive you, I really want us to be back together, to be how it was.”

Mack replied: “But, it still could be.”

It left Emmerdale fans floored that Charity had finally made the difficult decision to walk away for good.

One fan said: “Well done Charity! Finally got the courage to walk away.”

Another wrote: “Charity did the right thing.”

While a third penned: “So glad Charity is finally saying good bye for good. Well done.”

Fans were left floored when Charity decided to walk away

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