Emmerdale fans left reeling as Andrea brutally blackmails Kim to leave the village


EMMERDALE fans left reeling as Andrea blackmails Kim and forces her to leave the village.

The cut-throat businesswoman was left speechless as Andrea threatened to blow up Jamie’s life if she didn’t play by her rules.

Kim has now not only blackmailed Jamie but Kim too

Kim grew suspicious and asked her son what Andrea meant when she said the police were “sniffing around”.

Jamie denied this and Kim promised to find out the truth, which she did in due time.

Kim would then speak to Andrea and noticed there was blood on the car and believed Andrea ran over Moira and she enlisted the help of Jamie to get rid of the evidence.

Realising Kim was way off the ball, she put soon put her out of her misery: “It wasn’t me that hit Moira…it was your precious son.”

Andrea told Kim that Jamie ran over Moira

Kim refused to believe Jamie would run someone over, leave them for dead and not tell her about it.

There is no love lost between the pair and Andrea, knowing she wouldn’t be able to convince Kim, just told her to ask Jamie and when she backed him into a corner, he was left with no choice but to own up.

A final showdown between Kim and Andrea would end the episode by putting her foot down and demanded Kim be more polite to her in the future.

She asserted authority by telling Kim “I’m in charge now”, as she knows Jamie ran over Moira and is using it to blackmail the both of them.

Andrea then ordered Kim go on a holiday before telling her: “You’re nothing here anymore”, before sauntering out of the room and leaving a furious Kim to stew.

Fans were convinced Andrea has bitten off more than she can chew in blackmailing Kim.

One fan tweeted: “Kim is going to get rid of Andrea #Emmerdale

A second viewer wrote: “Oooh Andrea Vs Kim #Emmerdale”

While another user said: “Andrea…. you do not have a clue who you’ve taken on! For once I’m on Kim’s side! #emmerdale”