Emmerdale fans left sobbing as Faith Dingle is pushed to the brink with bombshell health news

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EMMERDALE fans have been left sobbing after Faith Dingle was pushed to the brink with bombshell health news.

The character – played by Sally Dexter – has cancer and is trying to make the most of the time she has left.

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle is trying to make the most of the time she has left

Faith has terminal cancer and hasn’t got long left

But in tonight’s hour-long episode, Faith was left horrified after discovering she could only have as little as a month before the disease kills her.

After Faith verbally lashed out at Kyle, her concerned family asked her nurse to come and visit.

Once Faith’s children and Moira had filled the nurse in on their concerns about what’s been happening to her, Faith asked for a moment alone with the health care professional.

She then asked: “Is this the end?”

The nurse replied: “It’s not the end, but the cancer is progressing.”

Faith then asked: “Is it going to be terrible? What if I’m in great pain and I can’t tell anybody because my brain has gone?”

She was told she would have the best care and support at that time, before she reminded Faith that “at least you know your time is precious, don’t underestimate that gift.”

Faith rallied, saying: “Yes, celebrate… what there is. Take photographs for them to remember me by.

“Oh, it’s little Eve’s birthday in a month.”

But by the look on the nurse’s face, it dawned on Faith that she possibly had even less time than she thought.

She cried: “A month?!”

The nurse told her gently: “Like I’ve said before, there’s no accurate way of forecasting how things will go.

Faith replied: “But a month!” and the nurse said: “If you’ve got plans, why not bring them forward a bit while you are well enough to really enjoy them?”

As Faith put her head in her hands and sobbed at the shock news, Emmerdale viewers were just as devastated.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Emmerdale just won’t be the same without Faith. She’s one of my favourite characters.”

Another added: Poor Faith! Bless her. It’s gonna be so sad to see her go.

A third tweeted: “Faith is the life and soul of Emmerdale. Such a heartbreaking storyline.”

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