Emmerdale fans open-mouthed as Charity left bloody by Moira in explosive pub brawl


EMMERDALE fans were open-mouthed after Charity Dingle was left bloodied by Moira Dingle in an explosive pub brawl.

All hell broke loose on tonight’s episode after Chas Dingle’s affair with Al Chapman was finally exposed.

Moira flew into a rage after Chas’ affair with Al was exposed by Paddy and Belle

Charity ended up with a bloodied nose after getting elbowed by Moira

After Chas’s husband Paddy confronted her about it outside the home Al had bought for her, the couple tried to put on a front back at the pub so Paddy could support Marlon on his first day back at work.

However, things didn’t go to plan as Moira was there, and immediately said she wanted a word with Chas, having found out about the affair from Belle.

The women headed out the back followed by Paddy and Charity, with Moira quickly confronting Chas about her actions.

Charity and Paddy’s dad Bear – who had been looking after Eve – were left stunned, but Charity soon stepped up and told Moira it was time to go.

She replied: “What a surprise, team Chas swings into action.”

Chas then piped up: “Sleeping with Al was one thing, but killing him was another.”

Moira’s husband Cain is currently in prison after taking the blame for Al’s death to spare his son Kyle, who was the one who shot Al.

So it’s little surprise that Moira didn’t take Chas’ comment well, and launched at her, saying it was her fault Al was dead.

Charity tried to grab Moira but she shook her off, and continued to berate Chas, who tried to defend herself before attempting to go and see her daughter.

But as she went to pass Moira, she grabbed her, while Charity stepped forward to get hold of Moira, only for the farm owner to give her a sharp elbow to the face.

As her elbow impacted with Charity’s nose, it made a hell of a noise, and when Charity lifted her head up, she had blood streaming from it.

Emmerdale viewers were quick to comment on the fracas, with one writing on Twitter: “WOAH!! That sound effect on #Emmerdale was epic!”

Another added: “I felt that elbow punch!”

A third tweeted: “Charity getting an elbow to the nose genuinely made me shout out loud. Wasn’t expecting that at all!”

Paddy had confronted Chas outside the house Al bought for her

He said he knew all about her affair with Al