Emmerdale fans predict Graham isnt Millies dad as he gets DNA results after Rhonas sneaky game


EMMERDALE fans have predicted Graham Foster ISN’T Millie’s dad after he finally received the DNA results which appeared to reveal the little girl’s biological father tonight.

Viewers have been eagerly awaiting the moment Graham gets the truth and on tonight’s episode, they found out from Millie that Rhona Goskirk had asked her to play a game that required her to hand over some hair.

Graham gets the results of the DNA test in Emmerdale

Millie told her grandmother Kim Tate that Rhona called her hair “spun gold” and then “she asked if I could pull out a hair, she said it was a game”.

“Then Rhona put them in her pocket, isn’t that a funny game?” said Millie.

The ITV soap then cut to Graham opening a signed-for envelope, that was revealed to be a DNA paternity test, although the results were not obvious, as Graham appeared deep in thought as the camera panned to his face before the credits rolled.

One fan shared: “I have a feeling Graham ISNT Millie’s dad but Kim will wrongly think he is and have him killed b4 knowing all the facts”

Kim Tate learns that Rhona took Millie’s hair

Graham bursts into the Tate’s and makes a revelation on Christmas Day in Emmerdale

Graham’s escape plan with Rhona is destroyed when he is murdered in Emmerdale

A vengeful Kim discovers the truth about Graham and Andrea in <a href='https://amzn.to/32sM7Q1'>Emmerdale</a>” width=”960″ height=”640″ /><figcaption class=

A vengeful Kim discovers the truth about Graham and Andrea in Emmerdale

Another added: “Hope its negative and its somebody else closer to kim that’s the father??”

Fan of the long-running soap already know that Graham will crash the Tate’s Christmas dinner with the results of the test, as it will begin the end of the character’s storyline.

He then bursts into the Tates and drops a bombshell on the happy family, which presumably is the result of Millies paternity test that he conducted behind Kims back.

Blonde baddie Kim will be furious when he shatters her son Jamies happiness and tension will come to an explosive head as he seals his fate.

Kim and Graham have been at war with each other in Emmerdale since the businesswoman discovered her partner in crime had a mystery love interest.

Will Kim cause more heartbreak for her son Jamie in Emmerdale?
Will Kim cause more heartbreak for her son Jamie?

Kim was convinced that something suspicious was going on between Graham and Andrea but later realised that Rhona was his new woman.

However, fans of the ITV soap know that Andrea and Graham had a one night stand a few years ago, which had left Graham questioning if hes Millies biological dad.

Emmerdale has confirmed that Graham will be killed in the new year as he tries to escape the village with Rhona.

The dark businessman will be murdered in an explosive whodunnit early next year.

HOAR Online has exclusively revealed that there will be multiple suspects in the story that is set to run long into 2020.

Emmerdale has confirmed there will be a special week of episodes in January where individual suspects will have entire episodes devoted to their motives.

Graham doesnt have many friends in the village and its looking like there are at least seven potential suspects who would want to murder Graham.