Emmerdale fans predict Kerry will be jailed while pregnant with Cains baby


EMMERDALE viewers are convinced Kerry Wyatt will be jailed after falling pregnant with Cain Dingle’s baby.

The tragic character – played by actress Laura Norton – got drunk and slept with her grandson’s father after already sleeping with his son Nate Robinson.

Emmerdale fans think Kerry will be jailed while pregnant with Cain’s baby

But fans are convinced that Kerry, who started the factory fire that killed Frank Clayton, will land in jail over her actions – with a bun in the oven.

Writing after Friday’s episode, where Tracey laid into Kerry in the toilets of the Woolpack, one said on Twitter on Friday:“Go to the police and own it.”

A second added: “I don’t think Kerry would cope in prison.”

And a third wrote: “Dan still moping about crying over Kerry because she slept with Cain I bet Kerry ends up pregnant!”

Emmerdale’s Cain was determined to get his revenge on Moira
The Emmerdale favourite slept with Kerry
Moira was gutted when she found them in bed together

Cain and Kerry got together after exchanging sozzled compliments in the pub, before heading back to the farm for a romp in the living room where Moira found them.

Moira was gutted when she found them in bed together.

But viewers immediately saw more heartbreak for the character as they predicted Kerry would fall pregnant.

One wrote: “Moira’s face seeing Kerry in her bed was priceless. she deserved that but he can do better than Kerry ffs & Amy will kick TF off when she finds out.

Emmerdale’s Cain and Kerry got drunk in the pub

“The real kicker will be if Kerry gets pregnant.”

Another added: “The classic one night stand pregnancy storyline…

“Cain will be the father of Kerry‘s baby.”