Emmerdale fans sickened as Leyla Cavanagh makes deal with drug dealer


EMMERDALE viewers are disgusted after Leyla Cavanagh agreed to become a dealer for cash.

The wedding planner – who is played by actress Roxi Shahidi in the ITV soap – has been trying to give up cocaine but ended up in debt to her dealer Callum.

Leyla was in over her head on Tuesday night’s show

Leyla agreed to give him a favour if he gave her more drugs and tonight he came to collect – by giving her a holdall of drugs to stash for him on Emmerdale.

“You agreed to a favour and this is it,” the dealer told her.

“All I need is somewhere safe to put something for a couple of weeks. 

“It’s just a bag. You look after it and two weeks time I come back and pick it up. Job done. 

“You do this and I won’t just write off your debts, I’ll throw in a little tickler too. £2,500 cash.”

When Leyla tried to argue against him – he doubled her debt and warned her that it would go up if she didn’t pay him by 10pm.

Desperate Leyla set about trying to raise some quick cash from Will Taylor for his wedding.

And she even agreed to Suzy hiring half of her office out for the money.

But as Suzy returned to the office, she found Leyla behaving strangely and asked her if she was back on drugs.

Leyla raged and told Suzy: “I am just high on life and if you ever accuse me of taking drugs again you can forget our little deal.”

And as soon as Suzy left, Leyla picked up the phone to call dealer Callum to accept his drugs deal deal.

She said: “Hi Callum, thanks for coming back. That job you wanted me to do – I’m in.”

Viewers are disgusted at Leyla becoming a drug dealer.

One wrote: “Leyla’s desperation, lies and deceit is about to blow up in her face. As if that vile drug dealer wouldn’t have a seedy lockup somewhere in Yorkshire.”

A second said: “Leyla’s getting herself in too deep.”

Another added: “Leyla what have you got yourself into? I hate how her character is ruined. I’m shocked how she treated Priya yesterday after everything she’s been through!”

She gets involved in a drug deal with Callum
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