Emmerdale fans slam blunder as minor Belle is interviewed without a legal rep and no recording


EMMERDALE fans have slammed a major blunder in the soap as Belle Dingle is interviewed without a legal rep and no recording. 

During Monday’s episode, Belle remained at the police station for questioning after Jamie turned the tables by telling lies that her mental illness was to blame for Moira Dingle’s accident. 

Belle was interviewed by police without any representation

It comes as Belle has spent the past few weeks laying the foundations to deceive Jamie Tate to prove that he was the hit and run driver. 

However, her plans seem to have come unstuck as Jamie has now turned the tables by telling lies about her. 

Belle was forced to remain at the police station for questioning after Jamie told the officers that she was behind the hit and run driver incident. 

Taking his claims seriously, it soon became clear that they had CCTV footage from outside a takeaway that showed she was driving Jamie’s car on the day of the accident.

Fans reckoned it was unbelievable

Belle was sure the police would believe her story

But Belle stayed confident and reminded DS Evans that Andrea Tate, Jamie’s estranged wife, would back up her story. 

However, keen bean viewers at home were distracted from the drama after noticing that Belle was interviewed without it being recorded and that the youngster didn’t have any legal representation present.

Fans flocked to Twitter to say that it wasn’t realistic. 

One fan wrote: “Please tell me she was recording all of that because if not what the hell is the point of this story because as bad as it is already there has to be some point.”

But Jamie has his own plans and intends to stitch Belle up for his crime
Will Belle make the police understand it was really Jamie?

“No recording of the interview? No legal representation? No realistic plot,” added another. 

A third penned: “Seriously an interview with no recording equipment or are they using Alexa to cover that aspect?”

“Police scenes really irritate me. There would be two police officers in there and a tape recording,” ranted a fourth.

After Belle left and headed home she was floored to find out that Andrea had given Jamie an alibi for the night of the hit and run.