Emmerdale fans slam soap as no-one notices Pierce Harris stalking Rhona


EMMERDALE fans have slammed the soap after no-one noticed Pierce Harris stalking Rhona Goskirk.

The rapist murderer – who is played by actor Jonathan Wrather in the ITV soap – murdered Rhonas partner Graham Foster last week and now hes back to torment his estranged wife.

Emmerdale fans have slammed the soap after no-one noticed Pierce Harris stalking Rhona Goskirk

In tonights episode he let himself into her cottage and moved things around – including the flowers he had sent to her for Grahams death.

Rhona did notice they had been moved the flowers but didnt look for the card she had failed to open.

Pierce dropped it while opening it and reading his own message and name when Vanessa almost found him in the house.

And in Rhonas emotional state she didnt think to look for the card, but did notice it had gone missing.

Pierce snooped around Rhona’s home

Pierce left a cryptic note with some flowers

Vanessa brushed off her concerns and didnt believe Rhonas worries that someone had been in the house.

But with Pierce wandering around the village staring at Rhona in her cottage, fans found it too implausible that no-one would see him.

One wrote: So no-one in the village has spotted either his car, nor Pierce creeping about the village – given how nosey everyone is. #Emmerdale.”

A second said: Pierce coming and going as he pleases… #emmerdale.”

Another added: Considering Pierce moves around quite freely in daylight, he must have borrowed Harry Potters invisibility cloak.”

Marlon is still inside awaiting trial for Graham’s death

Meanwhile viewers were left sobbing as Marlon broke down in tears as he was told he would stay in prison until his trial.

The harsh judge told him: I am aware of the application for bail. However given the nature of the alleged offence, bail is refuse.

Marlon sobbed and screamed: No I have to go home, whats April going to do? you cant do this. Im not going to run off, I swear, Ive got kids. And Ive not done anything. This is wrong, you have to let me go.