Emmerdale fans spot baby blunder as Chas Dingle takes Eve to the pub and wrongly insists she’s asleep


EMMERDALE fans have spotted a blunder as Chas Dingle wrongly claimed that baby Eve was asleep at the pub.

The landlady and lover Paddy Kirk haven’t had an easy time as of late and the vet shocked after yelled at his daughter, which Chas heard.

Baby Eve was wide awake in her cot as fans spotted the blunder

In last night’s episode, the parents were watching the adorable Eve sleep in the back room of the pub when Bear Wolf and Marlon rushed in.

Fearful they would wake her daughter, Chas told off the pair for their loud voices after they were arguing over whether all day breakfast should be on the pub’s menu.

She insisted her baby was fast asleep, but once the cot was in caught in the shot, Eve was in fact wide awake.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the soap’s mishap.

One fan said: “Last night’s Emmerdale, Chastity Dingle finally got baby Eve to sleep. Then the camera cuts to the baby to show SHE’S CLEARLY AWAKE! #SoapOpErrors #emmerdale.”

While another fan asked: “One said: “Thought the baby was meant to be asleep?”

A third tweeted with a series of crying emojis: “Thought the baby was sleeping.”

Paddy has become very anxious and aims to make sure he is watching Eve all the time after he accidentally left her unattended at the hospital.

Paddy and Chas have struggled to parent Eve recently

Paddy’s world came crashing down when Chas then revealed his parenting blunder to everyone in the pub.

Social services have since cleared him and Chas after investigating the incident, but Paddy has struggled to move and forgive himself for putting Eve’s life at risk.

Things took another shock turn when Chas walked in on Paddy screaming “I hate you” at Eve.

But rather then scold him for it, the mother-of-two sat down with him and had a heart-to-heart about their struggles as parents and how they can overcome them together.