Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Jimmy King’s truck changes colour during the crash


EMMERDALE fans spot blunder as Jimmy King’s truck changes colour during the crash.

The epic barn disaster claimed the live of evil abuser Paul last night, but that was not only thing that caught viewers’ attention.

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Fans spotted a blunder involving Emmerdale’s Jimmy King

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Jimmy got caught up in the crash after he received a call saying his wife Nicola was being held hostage.

But as the businessman was speeding back to the village to rescue her, he was blinded by the sunlight which caused him to skid off the road and crashed into the barn where Paul had been abusing Liv Flaherty.

However, when Jimmy first jumped into the van at the coffee cart it was a dark blue and fans couldn’t help but notice it was white later in the sequence.

Viewers were left very confused as to why the van kept changing colours, with some wondering if the sun’s reflection was playing tricks on their eyes.

Viewers noticed the van was blue when Jimmy started his journey

Yet soon after the van was suddenly white

One fan asked: “Anyone else noticed that Jimmy’s van on #emmerdale change colour all of sudden from white to blue?”

Another chuckled: “Amazing how Jimmy’s van magically changed colour during different scenes #emmerdale.”

A third user wrote: “Jimmy swapping vans? Swear it was blue then white now blue again #emmerdale.”

The viewer added: “So Jimmy started driving a blue van, then next scene it’s white?! #emmerdale.”

Fans noticed the sudden change

They took to social media to discuss the sudden vehicle change

Users chuckled after potting the blunder

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the changing van

The barn crash saw evil abuser Paul lose his wife as fiancée Mandy sobbed after he was pronounced dead

Paul was trapped under a collapsed beam, while Liv tried to save him – but in the end left him to wait for the emergency services with two broken legs.

As Liv got outside the barn exploded and Liv was knocked unconscious.

Ambulances arrived and all three, Liv, Jimmy and Paul were rushed to hospital but it was Paul who died.

As Mandy watched on, Paul lost his fight for life, leaving her sobbing in her wedding dress.