Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as Chas forgets she knows about Moira and Nates steamy affair


EMMERDALE fans have spotted a huge blunder as Chas Dingle appears to forget she knows about Moira and Nate’s steamy affair.

Cain’s sister Chas was told about the affair by mum Faith at the same time as the boat accident that put Nate and Moira into the hospital.

Chas and Paddy after making the “under his nose” comment in the first episode

When speaking about the incident, she says to Faith it happened “right under Cain’s nose” and Nate is “lucky Cain didn’t break his neck”.

Then in the next episode – after Moira enters the Dingle’s pub in the aftermath of the boat explosion – she asks Cain why Moira shouldn’t be in the pub.

She’s told again about the affair, making her angry enough to kick Moira out of the pub.

Fans have been quick to point out the error, with one person saying: “I can’t seem to follow #emmerdale continuity. Did Chas not already know Moira cheated on Cain from the last episode? And if Faith abandoned her kids years before how was she around when Nate was conceived? And can Bear read: yes it no!?!!!”

But Chas is shocked again when they speak in the pub
Moira kept the affair secret for months

Another added: “Chas must’ve suffered from “Baby Brain” last night! I’m sure Faith told her about Moira’s affair in the last episode? By the end of last night she’d forgot?”

A third questioned: “When Faith was having a conversation with Chas about Cain Chas said “and right under his nose lucky Cain didn’t break his neck” but at that point Chas wasn’t aware of what was going on so why did she say it??”

The story comes after Moira’s affair with farmhand Nate was exposed to Cain.

Nate revealed himself to be Cain’s son – and was therefore sleeping with his step-mother

He confronted the pair on a yacht and even fought with Nate – before finding out he was his son.

The revelations have sent shockwaves throughout the village, but the huge storyline has been plagued with continuity errors.

Nate revealed his mother was Cara Robinson, someone Cain used to date when he was younger.

Cain’s mother Faith claims she sent pregnant Cara away to save her from patriarch Shadrach’s racist rage, after he threatened to burn her family’s house down.

Cain confronted Nate about the affair – until he found out that he is his son

However, fans noticed that the timelines don’t match up, as Faith had already abandoned the family years beforehand when Cain was 12-years-old.

She didn’t return to the soap until years later.

One person said: “As a hardcore #emmerdale fan. Must say I don’t understand – didn’t Faith abandon Cain & Chas when they were kids? Not when they were 20… and how much older is Nate than Debbie. My head hurts @emmerdale.”

Another said: “@emmerdale just caught up with Ed, can I mention that Faith left cain and chas when they were small so she wouldn’t ahve been there when Cara was around, you tube is a great source of info for you to help with consistency of facts. Please pass on to yr writers.”