Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder in lockdown episode as Sam and Lydia run out of eggs despite living on a chicken farm


EMMERDALE fans have spotted a major blunder in the first lockdown episode.

The episodes – which will air tomorrow night at 7pm on ITV – features newlyweds Sam and Lydia Dingle stuck at home together on Dingle Farm.

Emmerdale fans spotted Sam’s problem can’t exist

In a first look clip of the episode Sam takes a phonecall from his nephew Nate Robinson offering up some fresh eggs and other food for him and Lydia.

However Sam and Lydia end up in a furious row because Sam turns it down, not wanting charity.

Lydia points out they have had to eat bangers and mash for a week because they have no other food – but it left viewers confused.

It has been long established that the Dingles live on a farm with their own livestock – including a huge number of chickens that produce eggs.

Lydia was furious Sam turned down the eggs

A recent storyline had Sam saving the chickens after he was overwhelmed with the number of eggs they produced and a salmonella scare threatened their lives – so there’s no way Sam and Lydia would have been without eggs.

And fans noticed and took to Twitter to share the blunder.

One wrote: “Sam & Lydia still have their chickens. They’d have eggs. :)”

Another added: “They live beside farms why no eggs?”

The lockdown episodes will air for three weeks with the soap cutting down its episodes further to just two per week while filming resumes.

They will air on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm until new episodes are fully produced and can fill in the gaps.

Bosses played down the potential of the soap returning to six and seven episodes per week insisting they were focusing on just getting back up and running safely.