Emmerdale fans spot major blunder as Jamie Tate evicts Luke and Wendy


EMMERDALE fans have spotted a major blunder after Jamie Tate threatened to evict Wendy and Luke Posner from their cottage – despite a country-wide ban on evictions.

The scheming vet – who is played by actor Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – discovered his ex-wife Andrea had been thrown out of the B&B for helping set up Belle Dingle for the hit and run on Moira.

Jamie Tate is trying to evict his tenants illegally

And desperate to keep her and his daughter Millie in the village, Jamie decided to evict the nurse and her son – illegally – instead.

He served them with an eviction demand telling them to get out within a week.

However there is a country-wide eviction ban meaning landlords have to give tenants six month’s notice to vacate a property.

That means Wendy and Luke don’t have to go anywhere until March at the very least.

Luke and Wendy were left reeling from the news
Luke tried to sort things out with Jamie

And fans were quick to point out the blunder.

One wrote: “Don’t tenants have way more rights these days?! Jamie can’t just throw them out. Another badly researched storyline #emmerdale.”

A second said: “Does Jamie actually have the authority to evict people from their houses with no reason? #emmerdale.”

Another added: “Surly [sic] wendy has a tenancy agreement then he cannot kick them out till that ends.”

However at the end of the property the mother and son’s problems could have been solved when a drunk Jamie stumbled and fell in Home Farm.

He had been knocked back by a friend for a night out and then Andrea refused to take his call.

Stumbling about, Jamie tripped and knocked his head on a table – and was left unconscious and alone.

Will he survive?

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