Emmerdale fans underwhelmed as Nate is revealed to be Cain Dingles secret son


EMMERDALE viewers havebeen left distinctly unimpressed by the reveal Nate Robinson is Cain Dingle’s son.

The hunky farm hand – who is played by actor Jurell Carter in the ITV soap – told his dad who he was tonight during a vicious fight.

Nate revealed he is Cain’s secret son – giving Debbie another brother

But it’s safe to say some viewers were less impressed with the soap giving Debbie Dingle another secret brother so soon after the last one.

As well as being one herself, Debbie discovered last year how her mum Charity had a son called Ryan making him her half brother.

And this year she will now discover that her dad Cain also had a secret son – this time Nate.

Fans are not impressed with the repeated storyline with one writing: “Wow…That has now got to be what? The 100,000,000,000,000th brother Debbie Dingle now has!”

Cain seemed to be as surprised by this news as viewers were not
Debbie found out she had another half brother Ryan last year

A second said: “Please Not another long lost son plot with the long lost son out for revenge. That sort of story has been done to death

Another added: “I wasnt even 1% shocked. To me the bigger twist wouldve been if hewasnthis son.”

Fans were left open-mouthed after the bombshell – before the boat’s sail swung road and sent Moira flying into the water to her possible death.

Nate revealed himself as Cain’s secret son

Viewers were horrified that he’d knowingly had sex with his step-mum, tweeting: “I’ve just realised.. if Cain is Nate’s dad, then he’s technically been shagging his own stepmum…

Gripping scenes tonight saw Cain and Nate grappling on the deck of a small yacht after the older man forced him and Moira to join him on a fishing trip.

While Moira was below deck, Cain seethed: “Some women, they read magazines, watch reality TV, that kind of thing. Moira does sex.

“She says it’s the only thing that stops her thinking. So when it comes to blokes, she doesn’t really make the best choices.”

The pair had a brutal fight before Nate revealed who he is

Nate replied: “Your missus is bored of your boring life and your boring marriage. That’s why he’s going behind your back with me.

“In the caravan, the barn, in your bed while you were in Scotland. Last night, all night. The sex was the best she’s ever had, obviously.”

After that, Cain grabbed a plank and knocked him out cold – but he later came round, bursting onto the deck roaring: “You’re pathetic, old man.”

Putting his face close to Cain’s, he growled: “Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.

“You see me now – Dad? You must have known that I’d come for you one day. I’m your son.”

Moira, apparently believing some kind of practical joke was taking place, lectured him: “If you think this is funny, it’s hardly the time.”

But Nate snapped: “Stay out of it. Your use is over.”

Cain, steadying himself onto the boat and looking utterly bewildered, was jolted back to reality when Moira was sent flying into the water.

Moments before the credits rolled, his wife was seen sinking to the bottom of the lake to a murky and uncertain fate.

Sun Online readers have long suspected Nate is a Dingle, with a number of clues being dropped by scriptwriters that pointed to his true identity.