Emmerdale fans work out dark twist for Mackenzie and pregnant Chloe Harris

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REALITY is kicking in for Mackenzie Boyd after finding out Chloe Harris was expecting a baby boy.

Emmerdale fans have predicted a dark twist ahead for the heartthrob portrayed by Lawrence Robb.

Chloe and Mackenzie agreed to keep their one night stand a secret

Chloe is willing to stick to the plan

But Mack made a surprising U-turn last night

Mack has always been adamant on not getting involved with Chloe’s pregnancy.

The pair even agreed to make sure their one night stand remained under wraps as the hunk is getting ready to tie the knot with Charity Dingle.

But in recent scenes of the ITV soap, Chloe (played by Jessie Elland) announced she would be giving birth to a boy and allowed Mackenzie to feel the baby kicking.

The news was a wake-up call for him and, during last night’s trip to the Dales, he did a full U-turn by telling Chloe he’d like to be more involved in the baby’s life.

It all began when he met up with Chloe to check up on her and he tried to build a bridge with her.

“I… I would like us to be friends. I realise I haven’t handled things in the best way, but if you give me a chance to explain,” he nervously explained.

However, Chloe immediately cut him off, reminding him of the deal they had made and insisting she couldn’t afford to cause trouble.

Chloe also emphasised that she was just beginning to form a bond with her long-lost sister Amy Wyatt who vowed to be present for both her and her son.

Mack refused to let things go, saying: “Things have changed for me? Since you have let me feel the baby move and since I found out it’s a boy, it all feels a bit more real.”

But Chloe was having none of it, leading to viewers growing concerned on social media.

Many of them speculated Mackenzie could stalk Chloe after her rejection.

“Mac’s turned into a stalker!!”, one commented as another questioned: “Wasn’t Mac not the least bit interested and told her to bugger off to Scotland? Now he’s touched the wee belly he’s stalking Chloe.”

A third viewer jumped in: “Mackenzie won’t take that rejection well. Bet he starts following Chloe around so he can try and be near her.”

“Hmmm something isn’t right with Mackenzie being so involved with Chloe now. Won’t leave her alone and call it his baby…. stalker incoming maybe?”, another penned.

A fifth incensed fan wrote: “Sod right off Mack”, while one final viewer commented: “How does Mack think this is gonna go, he’s getting married to someone else and Chloe doesn’t want him involved.”

Chloe has already had to deal with a stalking ordeal when she became involved with Noah Dingle who, ironically, is due to become Mackenzie’s stepson.

The lad followed Chloe throughout the village, tracking her every move after she rejected him.

Noah was eventually sent to prison when he attempted to assault her and things have been tense between him and Chloe ever since, although he is back on the straight and narrow.

Could Mackenzie make Chloe go through hell?

Will Charity ever find out about their one night stand?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Viewers predicted a dark turn of events for Chloe and a new stalking ordeal

Will Mack ever tell Charity he’s about to become a father?