Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ shock twist about who really killed Al Chapman

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CAIN Dingle’s feud with Al Chapman reached murderous heights and ended in the businessman being shot to death.

However, some Emmerdale fans are convinced the village tough guy isn’t actually responsible.

Al Chapman was shot to death in recent scenes of the ITV soap

Cain lured Al into a barn, trying to get his attention with a shotgun

Some viewers suspect Aaron could be responsible because of his loyalty to Paddy

Jeff Hordley‘s Dales alter ego was thrown in prison after being charged with the murder of Al Chapman.

But after last night’s trip to Yorkshire (November 2, 2022), a handful of viewers are convinced there is more to Al’s death than meets the eye.

Many believe that Al accidentally shooting himself during his struggle with Cain is still possible.

However, a new theory emerged on a Digital Spy forum with Danny Miller‘s Aaron Dingle at the top of the list of potential suspects.

“I’m going with either Aaron or even Debbie although Al shooting himself by mistake is also very possible”, one viewer commented.

Another agreed: “Aaron is my guess.”

One soap fan questioned the theory, writing: “How can it be Aaron when he was leaving for Italy?”

To which another argued: “Very simple, he didn’t actually leave. They could easily write it like he had forgotten something before leaving. So he returns to the village and finds Cain and Al fighting and kills Al before Al kills Cain.”

Another jumped in: “Aaron. He followed Al. Cain wants to cover for him, but there will be no forensics to pinpoint Cain and he’ll get off. Don’t ask me how when he was holding the gun.”

Cain was found during Tuesday’s episode of the ITV drama by Al’s fiancée Kerry Wyatt, standing over the businessman with a gun in his hand.

Prior to this, he had lured his nemesis into a barn after finding out about Chas and Al’s illicit romance.

But although Cain had tried to get Al’s attention with a shotgun, his plan only involved a fist fight before it escalated and the pair fought over the firearm.

Yet in scenes aired last night, Chas paid her brother a visit, filled with grief and anger as Cain’s wife Moira tried to make sense out of the situation.

Chas raged at Cain for taking her chance at a happy future with Al away from her.

But several hints about Cain’s innocence were dropped, though he had been feuding with Al for several years.

Aaron has a motive for killing Al as he also knew about Chas’ affair and cut all ties with his mother, unable to support it.

What really happened?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Kerry Wyatt found Cain standing over Al with a gun

But is he really responsible?