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Emmerdale fans work out who is hiding in Rishi Sharma’s house in a killer twist

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RISHI Sharma returned to the Dales last night after a quick dash to London to visit his daughter Priya.

However, his return left Emmerdale fans wondering if Meena Jutla may have taken up camp in his house.

Rishi Sharma came home from London during last night’s trip to Emmerdale

Priya left the eponymous village for London

Viewers believe serial killer Meena Jutla may have escaped from prison and settled into Rishi’s home during his absence

The character played by Bhasker Patel was crushed when his daughter Priya decided to leave the eponymous village without him, only taking her own child, Amba.

He was still able to pay her a visit in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based drama and returned home during last night’s trip to the ITV Dales.

But as he walked in through the door, he immediately noticed something was off in his home.

“Is it me, or something feels different in here”, he questioned his son Jai (Chris Bisson) before making a cup of tea for the both of them.

While in the kitchen, his suspicions grew as he noticed that some items weren’t at their usual spot.

Jai tried to reassure his father, insisting he had been the only one coming in and out of Holdgate Farm during his absence.

But Rishi’s concerns grew even stronger when he was on his way out to the pub as he heard creaking inside the house before his ringing phone stopped him from investigating.

Spooked, Rishi left the house in a hurry and turned to look at his upstairs window.

To his surprise, the curtain twitched while some viewers were stunned he didn’t at least call the police before going out to the pub.

Fans of the long-running drama went wild on social media, trying to rumble who could be hiding in Rishi’s house.

Some believed it may be Marshall Hamston, who has been hiding from his homophobic father, while others thought Marcus Dean could have settled in the home, despite his clear and recent exit.

Another theory quickly emerged – what if Meena Jutla was hiding at Rishi’s?

The serial killer portrayed by Paige Sandhu hasn’t been seen in the village for less than a year after she was thrown behind bars for murder.

Dearly missed Meena has left fans hoping she could make an impromptu return to village as she’s been known for her near-impeccable scheming and chilling antics.

During his marriage with Manpreet Sharma, and before she was exposed as a cold-blooded criminal, Rishi took a liking to Meena which could lead the sinister nurse straight back into his home with a revenge plan in mind.

“Who else thinks Meena’s escaped prison and lurking in Rishi’s house?”, one viewer Tweeted.

A social media user echoed: “I would love for Rishi’s intruder to be the one and only Meena!! Oh that would be brilliant but it’s not gonna happen. ALTHOUGH If I was to guess I’d probably say Marshall (hiding from his dad who kicked him out maybe) Still want Meena back though.”

One soap fan went with the theory that Marcus could be the intruder: “Is it Marcus who is in Rishi’s house? He was homeless before.”

Another viewer couldn’t help but think of Rishi’s son Nikhil who left Yorkshire to start afresh in Toronto, Canada: “Is Nikhil back?!”

“Did Nikhil have a kid? Is that who’s at Rishi’s house?”, one soap fan added.

Yet another viewer has a simpler theory and suggested that Rishi may not even know who’s hiding in his house.

“I betcha it’s someone proper random creeping up in his house”, they commented.

Will the intruder make themselves known?

Has Meena really escaped?

Is Rishi in danger?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

Meena was thrown behind bars after being charged and convicted of multiple murders

Is Rishi in danger?
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