Emmerdale: Harriet’s horror explained as Dawn admits she killed Malone


HARRIET Finch is horrified next week in Emmerdale when she walks in on Dawn spilling the beans about Malone’s murder to her dad Will Taylor. 

But will the morally questionable vicar come clean about her affair with the dodgy detective and her involvement in his murder? Here’s the lowdown…

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Dawn tells Will she murdered Malone

Why does Dawn admit to murdering Malone in Emmerdale?

Official spoilers have revealed that Dawn’s guilty conscience will see her reach breaking point next week.

Dawn spills the beans after her dad Will – who thinks Malone has gone on the run – convinces himself he’s seen Malone hanging around the village.

Dawn then catches Will picking up a gun and comes clean about the murder, telling Will that she shot the detective in self-defence. 

Harriet walks in midway through Dawn’s confession

Does Will discover Harriet’s involvement in Malone’s murder?

Dawn leaves Harriet out of the story but the vicar puts her foot in it when she walks back in midway through their conversation. 

Will she be able to lie to Will and pretend she had no idea Dawn killed Malone?

Or will she buckle under the pressure and admit to burying the detective? 

With Emmerdale yet to confirm exact details, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Will has no idea Harriet was having an affair with Malone

Does Will discover Harriet’s affair?

Emmerdale fans are convinced that it’s only a matter of time before Will discovers Harriet’s affair. 

One fan tweeted: “Will finds out about Harriet’s affair with dodgy cop Malone and that she and Dawn Murdered him before dropping dead from a heart attack.”

Another added: “Just tell him Harriet he will find out eventually regardless #Emmerdale.”

Fans were convinced that Harriet was going to frame Will after she appeared oddly calm when he was hauled into the police station for questioning after Malone’s murder. 

But, if Will discovers Harriet’s affair with Malone, might he decide to report Harriet to save Dawn?