Emmerdale hints Rhonas rapist Pierce Harris will return as she learns devastating news


EMMERDALE fans last night saw Rhona Goskirk learn the heartbreaking truth that her rapist Pierce Harris has been let out on parole, hinting that the Dales may be seeing more of him.

Pierce was found guilty of raping his wife in 2017, and sentenced to five years in prison.

Will Graham and Rhona move to France?

However, viewers discovered on Monday’s episode of the ITV soap that he had been released on parole, after Rhona’s victim liaison officer called her with the news.

The vet (Zoe Henry) broke down in to tears after the call, but it came following a row with boyfriend Graham Foster as the pair argued over a potential move to France.

She cried: “It took everything I had to forget what he did to me… to try and forget him.

“Hes never going away is he?”

The pair have been dating for a few months

However Rhona has been offered a job in France

Will Graham reveal his connection to Kim Tate to Rhona?

The character added: “I can’t do this again. You don’t know him, that man could break me all over again.”

“I cant risk that, he knows where I live. He wouldnt find me in France though,” she insisted, suggesting that the pair move away together.

“No I dont need to consider anything,” she added.

“France is exactly what I need. This could be a clean slate for both of us,” she said despite Graham’s protests.

Kim Tate had helped Rhona set up the job in Europe but will Pierce’s release force her hand?

Emmerdale fans were also left concerned for Rhona, with many taking to social media to air their feelings: “Pierce up for parole? Poor Rhona.”

Rhona is currently unaware that Kim’s help has ulterior motives as she is hoping to get Graham out of the village after he revealed hes Millies father.

Official spoilers have revealed that, following his outburst during a Christmas dinner at the Tates, Graham realises he needs to escape Kims wrath and he will urge his lover Rhona to accept Noels job offer in Bergerac.

Rhona was married to Pierce

But he was sentenced to five years for raping Rhona

Graham is set to make a big announcement at Christmas

However his outburst seals his fate as the character is set to be murdered when he tries to leave the village in the New Year.

His death will leave Rhona in the lurch, and its pretty unlikely shell end up going to France without him.