Emmerdale horror as Marcus reveals dad Pierce Harris abused him


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after it was revealed evil Pierce Harris abused his son Marcus.

The rapist killer – who was played by actor Jonathan Wrather in the ITV soap – contacted victim Rhona Goskirk to ask her to find his now adult son Marcus.

Emmerdale’s Marcus opened up to Rhona about his abuse

She managed to and tonight he arrived in the village and revealed his own tragic backstory.

“I was really young so emotional abuse wasn’t really part of my thinking,” Marcus explained.

“But I always had to be quiet when daddy was around.

“I swear I was walking on eggshells from the moment I took my first steps.

“It was always guaranteed he would kick off at some point, and then there would be a row and mum would try and calm things down without success.

“Mum’s filled in the blanks in a sense – she said it was never ending. There was a friend mum had, one of the few he hadn’t driven away called Linda. 

“She never liked him apparently and couldn’t trust him. One day mum got our stuff together and we went to Linda’s place for a while. 

“And when we went back he was gone and I never saw him after that. Now he’s dying. 

“He’s always been there in the back of my head, maybe it’s time I faced him?”

Marcus then asked Rhona to go with him to visit Pierce – and she was visibly shaken.

And fans think it’s shown a darker side to him even asking her that.

One wrote: “So…..I’m guessing Pierce’s son left at a young age? But why does it feel like he’s stringing Rhona along?”

A second said: “I am not buying that this Marcus is Pierce’s son – at no point has he ever been mentioned. And for someone to approach Rhona with a request is a bit suss.”

Another added: “Rhona nooooo – he’s in cahoots with his arse of a dad.”

Victims of abuse who need emotional support can contact Samaritans on 135 247.

He revealed his dad Pierce had abused him
But viewers think he’s up to no good by asking Rhona to go with him to see Pierce