Emmerdale horror as Meena Jutla makes terrifying return to the village


MEENA Jutla has made a terrifying return to Emmerdale to take revenge on ex Billy Fletcher.

The serial killer – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – was about to flee the country after escaping a police manhunt.

Meena Jutla is heading back to the Dales

Dawn’s big day is looking like it’ll be ruined by Meena

But in tonight’s hospital she got news that changed her mind as those left in the village struggled to cope with the aftermath of her murders.

At the hospital Charles spent the entire episode trying to convince Manpreet to abandon her plan of leaving the village.

She was determined to flee insistent that it was the right thing to do over what her sister had done to her friends and neighbours.

But Charles begged her to stay – and make a life with him again.

“I just want you to know you’ve got a home with me if you want it,” he said.

However as he turned to leave she called him back and told him she had made a decision.

“Of course I want that Charles, I love you,” she said.

Across the village Billy and Dawn decided to move on from Meena by arranging their wedding for Valentine’s Day.

Leyla insisted Dawn invite people via social media because of the short turn around – and that proved their fatal flaw.

But as her victims’ families sat around devastated she had fled abroad and escaped justice – the horrifying truth was revealed about Meena.

She was seen sitting at a truckstop with the driver who found her weeks ago – preparing to leave the country.

However once she saw Dawn’s wedding announcement she changed her mind.

“I can’t believe they’re getting married on Valentine’s Day,” she said.

“How trashy is that? Change of plan Tommy. I’ve just found out a friend’s getting married. 

“It’s annoying but I can’t miss the big day. I’ve got a big surprise planned.”

Viewers are terrified for Meena’s revenge – but overjoyed she is back to cause more chaos.

One wrote: “Woohoo,I bloody love Meena.”

A second said: “Welcome back Meena this girl is a terrific actress. She makes the show great.”

Another added: “Just when you thought it was Safe to go Out…”