Emmerdale in shock twist as Meena Jutla takes sister Manpreet Sharma captive


EMMERDALE fans are terrified after Meena Jutla took sister Manpreet Sharma captive after discovering she remembers she’s a killer.

The serial killer – who is played by actress Paige Jutla in the ITV soap – was stopped from killing her sister by the pub exploding on Christmas Day.

Emmerdale villain Meena has taken her sister captive
Manpreet is faking memory loss after the explosion

Manpreet successfully convinced her that she had forgotten everything – but that failed tonight.

Meena managed to get her sister discharged into her care – and rushed her home.

Manpreet barely had time to think before she was being pushed into the cottage and taken upstairs to the bedroom.

Nurse Meena gave Manpreet her sleeping pills and then accidentally left a phone on the side.

When she thought her sister had gone, Manpreet spat out the pills, climbed out of bed and hobbled over to the phone.

But before she could get it – Meena appeared.

Walking into the bedroom, Meena surprised Manpreet and revealed she knew what was going on.

“Do you think I’d just leave the phone there?” she said menacingly.

“It was a test for you.”

Grabbing her sister, she plunged a syringe of drugs into her neck, knocking her out cold.

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She added: “But wait until you see the surprise I’ve got for you.”

Viewers are terrified for Manpreet over what Meena will do to her.

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One wrote: “omg is manpreet actually gonna die wtf”

Another added: “Meeena drugged Manpreet omg you cant end there!”

But a third said: “I really hope Meena isn’t on her way out. I’ve just started watching #Emmerdale again and I am loving her! 😁

Manpreet is terrified

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