Emmerdale reveals Nates mum is Cara Robinson leaving fans confused as Cain has NEVER mentioned her before


EMMERDALE fans are confused after Nate Robinson revealed his mum is someone no-one has ever heard of.

The farmhand – who is played by actor Jurell Carter in the ITV soap – told Cain his mum was Cain’s ex girlfriend Cara Robinson but that had fans none the wiser.

Nate is Cain’s son

Despite the Dingles having a history in the village for decades, Cain has failed to mention his ex-girlfriend Cara Robinson who disappeared off the face of the earth when he was younger.

Hearing the news Cain said: “Yes I knowher, Cara Robinson, she worked at the Skinners Arms we went out for a while.

“And then one day she just disappeared. I never knew she was pregnant. She would have told me.”

Nate replied: “She did and then you told your family, I bet that went down well. ‘Guess what? I’ve just banged up this black girl.’

Cain was shocked by his mother’s betrayal

“As Cain insisted he had no idea Nate existed, Nate called him out on it telling him his mum had visited the family and been sent packing.

“At first she made excuses for her, you were just a kid, your family were racist. She came up here a few years ago wanting to show you photos of me. Trying to guilt trip you into taking responsibility. Didn’t work though, did it? You sent her packing and told her you didn’t want anything to do with me.”

But it turns out both Nate and Cain were telling the truth when Faith arrived and filled in the blanks.

She told Cain that she was the one who sent Cara away to save her and the baby from Shadrach’s racism and rage.

Faith told how Shadrach had threatened to burn Cara and her family to death if she didn’t leave Cain.

So she convinced her to leave Cain behind and make a new life with her baby away where she would be safe.But despite the explanation, viewers were completely lost with what was happening.