Emmerdale shock as Amy Wyatt takes son Kyle away from dad Cain Dingle – despite giving up her parental rights


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Cain Dingle lost custody of his son Kyle to ex Amy Wyatt – even though she has no legal right to him.

The village hardman – who is played by actor Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap – was left stunned when Matty told Amy how her son Kyle had almost died in a barn fire and Cain hadn’t told her.

Amy Wyatt took custody of her son Kyle

Furious she stormed into the farm and laid into Cain.

“Think you’re clever, do you?” she raged. 

“Forcing our nine year old to keep your secrets. He’s only fine because Mack stopped Jamie from burning down the barn. 

“He could have died. I have every right to know if my son’s at risk. 

“Has there been other things going on? Other times he could have been hurt. 

Cain Dingle lost his son

She added: “Come on then, what else have you been keeping from us? Come on Cain, this is you. 

“Always secrets. Well don’t bother picking Kyle up – he’s staying with me.”

Cain allowed it to happen but viewers were confused and in shock.

Fans know Amy gave up Kyle as a baby and has no legal rights to keep him.

Instead Kyle was adopted, and later left in the care of his grandmother when his adoptive parents died.

And when his grandmother, who married Zak Dingle, died, Kyle was left in care of Zak and his biological father Cain.

So fans were in shock that Amy is allowed to keep him.

Amy has no rights

One wrote: “Fake Amy has a right bloody cheek. Does the name Frank not mean anything to her?”

A second said: “Like we didn’t see Matty spilling the beans to Amy coming.

“Amy has some nerve tho to get on at Cain about Kyle’s safety when Kyle has been in danger in her care before & didn’t Nate save him?”

Another added: “Amy has caused her Mam problems. Why is she back?”

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