Emmerdale shock as Chas Dingle is ruled out of being Al Chapman’s mystery woman


EMMERDALE has ruled out Chas Dingle as Al Chapman’s mystery woman leaving fans stunned.

The Woolpack landlady – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – was confronted about her pass at Al by his son Ellis.

Chas Dingle

Ellis had found a receipt for a couples’ massage in his dad’s bag from his recent business trip, and realised he is having an affair.

But in tonight’s episode when Marlon let slip how Chas had propositioned him, Ellis couldn’t stop himself from noticing Chas at the Hutch.

She only wanted to use the wifi away from Paddy so she could check on his Christmas gift, but Ellis demanded to know if she was sleeping with his dad.

Chas replied: “I don’t know why you’re bringing this up now – nothing happened. 

Fans were shocked by the revelation

“You’ve got your dad to thank for that. Have you never made a mistake?

“And you’d give anything to put that right, wouldn’t you? Well same here. 

“Look at Paddy’s Christmas present. I wanted something to say he was the most important thing in my life – not just because of what happened. 

“Nothing’s going on with me and your dad. Al loves Priya. If you ask me all you have to do is look at them two together to realise that she’s already the most important thing in his life.”

Fans were stunned at Chas being ruled out and still can’t work out who it is that Al is sleeping with behind Priya’s back.

One wrote: “Chas didn’t even have affair with Al ffs what’s with it all they just talked.”

A second said: “Knew Ellis would accuse chas of having an affair with al tho to be fair after what Marlon told him.”