Emmerdale shock as Kim Tate is arrested for Graham’s murder


EMMERDALE fans were left stunned as Kim Tate was arrested at the end of a fiery episode in the Yorkshire Dales.

After thinking she had talked Andrea out of turning her in, the businesswoman couldn’t believe the police had turned up at her house to take her away.

Kim Tate was arrested for Graham’s death

The village is still reeling from Graham’s murder and tensions between Andrea and Jamie Tate continue to escalate.

The veterinary surgeon turned up at Andrea’s workplace to discuss her making him choose between sending his mother to prison and having custody of Millie.

Jamie tried to make her understand his mother’s decision to arrange to have Graham murdered, but the wedding planner was having none of it and demanded that Millie be with her full-time.

Jamie was strongly against the idea, but his wife warned him that she would even resort to blackmail in order to take Kim down if he kept standing in her way.

She thought she’d persuaded Andrea not to talk

Jamie would return home and tell his mum Kim that Andrea is hellbent on sending her to prison.

Not wanting Millie to be kept from her father, Kim ordered Jamie to hand her in.

Jamie did not like the idea of putting his mum away, especially as he has done it once before.

Kim would take matters into her own hands and stormed to Andrea’s house and threatened that she would not hesitate to “obliterate” her.

But Andrea was hellbent on sending her to prison

The bold and brash Kim returned to Home Farm in a buoyant mood, thinking her threats had the desired affect on Andrea.

Jamie wasn’t convinced and warned his mum that she was playing along and would probably go and see a solicitor to arrange custody proceedings.

A confident Kim was certain she had won and was confident things would now begin to move in the right direction, but she would be mistaken.

There was a knock at the door and a stunned Kim would discover that the police had come to arrest her.

Jamie looked shocked as the police took his mum away

Fans rushed to Twitter to share their shock.

One commented: “Well that floored Kim bet it was Andrea phoning into the police! Well played.”

Another wrote: “Kim getting arrested ahhh just like old times.”

A third added: “Hahahahaha bye bye kim get yourself a good duty solicitor.”