Emmerdale shock as the death that rocked Charity Dingle is revealed


EMMERDALE fans are in shock as the soap revealed an off-screen death.

In last night’s episode of Emmerdale Charity was left devastated by a shock phone call.

Tonight Charity revealed the death that left her shocked

Charity couldn’t hold back her emotions during the tense scenes

And in tonight’s episode it was revealed that news of a death had rocked her – but it wasn’t who fans thought.

Stealing Caleb’s car, she was caught by Cain who ended up along for the ride.

She drove to a cemetery with Cain with him constantly asking what was wrong.

And when they got to the grave it was revealed it was Mark Bails – the police officer who had raped and abused charity as a teenager.

“Heart attack in his cell,” explained Charity but she felt cheated by his death.

“Have you any idea what it’s like?” she said to Cain. 

“I can be laughing at a film and bam his face appears. What he did to me. A horrible sick feeling and I’ve had to suffer that ever since he… I was just a child. 

“He was supposed to suffer like I have. 30 years, that’s what he got, 30 years behind bars looking over his shoulder, bricking it every day but he ended up doing four years tops – that’s not the deal. 

“It wasn’t part of the deal.”

Furious at the message on his grave, Charity spat on it – and then threatened to wee on it.

“Death was too good for you,” she said.

Viewers are in shock at the surprise death.

One wrote: “Mark Bails is dead! I want to give Charity a hug.”

A second said: “Charity should be pleased!”

Another added: “I’d have thought Charity would be dancing on his grave not getting upset over Bails death.”

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