Emmerdale slammed for being ‘obsessed with drugs and booze’

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LAST night’s trip to the Dales featured a new storyline involving Dawn Taylor and her late best friend.

ITV viewers have grown frustrated with Emmerdale bosses, accusing them of being obsessed with drug and alcohol plots.

A new storyline heavily referenced drugs last night in Emmerdale

It also included a twist around child neglect

But viewers are growing tired of storylines involving drugs and alcohol

Olivia Bromley‘s Dawn Taylor got the shock of her life during a recent instalment of the Yorkshire-based soap as she found out her best friend Beth died of an overdose.

Thursday’s episode saw her attend the funeral and go back to her friend Jade’s house, before stumbling upon Beth’s daughter, Clemmie.

Clearly neglected and sleeping in a dog bed, Clemmie had apparently no idea her mother had passed away.

Dawn immediately realised Clemmie was in danger as a drugged-up Jade was in the other room alongside a menacing man.

She decided to take the young girl back home and an exchange of money between her and Jade ensued.

Back in the village, Dawn had to explain to her husband Billy Fletcher (played by Jay Kontzle) what had happened while he remained convinced Clemmie’s best option would be social services.

Billy eventually agreed to let Clemmie spend the night with them, while Leyla Cavanagh’s (Roxy Shahidi) coke addiction remains a problem, elsewhere in the Dales.

While the new storyline probably tugged at the heartstrings of many, it also left some viewers annoyed.

These turned to social media to express their thoughts, after feeling relied when the usual warning for distressing scenes was finally taken off the air.

They complained about how soap bosses couldn’t let go of drugs as a common theme in their storylines.

“How many times has drugs been mentioned tonight? Jeez Lousie!”, one commented on Twitter.

A second viewer followed up with: “Does every story have to concern drink or drugs? Come on writers you can do so much better.”

Another added: “Is there anyone not on drugs or alcohol in Emmerdale?”

“This programme really is obsessed with drugs! Oh and drink. Any other addiction too – So boring now”, a fourth fan chimed in while another penned: “Wouldn’t surprise me if that kid was hiding drugs, the writers seem to be messed up that way.”

Although Clemmie and Dawn’s story is only beginning, Leyla’s cocaine storyline is slowly drawing to a close.

In recent scenes, her friend Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) was caught up with her lies as her connection to Holly Barton – who also succumbed to an overdose in 2016 – came to light.

Suzy was dumped by her partner Vanessa Woodfield.

But when she had the chance to out Leyla for being the owner of the coke found in Take A Vow, near Jai Sharma’s belonging, Suzy kept her secret.

Could this backfire on the wedding planner?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

Fans have spotted a recurring theme

Elsewhere in the village, Leyla’s cocaine addiction is still causing trouble