Emmerdale spoilers: Al Chapman left fighting for his life after Charity accidentally knocks him out during a robbery


AL Chapman is left fighting for his life next week in Emmerdale after Charity Dingle accidentally knocks him out while breaking into the HOP office. 

Charity had been disowned by the Dingles after driving her daughter Debbie away and neglecting her son Noah.

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Charity breaks into the HOP office

In a furious showdown earlier this month, Chas told Charity she was no longer welcome at the pub and that she should sell her shares to Marlon.

But next week Charity attempts to win Chas over by breaking into the HOP office and stealing a client’s contact to get back in her good books. 

But disaster strikes when Al walks in and catches her red-handed. 

Charity throws a trophy in the air when Al catches her
Al knocks himself unconscious trying to catch the trophy

Charity panics and throws the trophy from his business award in the air before making a run for it. 

Al leaps to catch the trophy but ends up tripping and banging his head, falling to the floor. 

Charity stares at him and weighs up whether to help him or run. 

Meanwhile, things get heated between Al’s fiancee Priya and his son Ellis. 

Things heat up between Al’s fiancee Priya and son Ellis

Will Priya go there – and will Al find out?

Viewers know that Al is in the middle of a sticky situation after two-timing his fiancee’s Priya and Debbie. 

The two women framed him for stealing from Kim Tate as revenge after discovering his cheating ways.

But Al seduced Charity earlier this month to get revenge on her daughter Debbie, tricking Charity into revealing the details of Debbie and Priya’s revenge plan against him.

Al recorded his whole conversation with Charity before playing it to Kim to prove it was Debbie who stole her money and framed him.