Emmerdale spoilers: Another shock exit revealed as beloved character moves abroad

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ITV viewers will soon have to wave goodbye to actress Michelle Hardwick.

Next week, Vanessa Woodfield moves away from Emmerdale for a new job in Canada.

Vanessa Woodfield is leaving the Dales next week

Actress Michelle Hardwick is expecting her second child

But there’s turmoil ahead of her exit

Fans of the Yorkshire-based drama know that Michelle Hardwick is expecting her second child with her wife, Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks.

This means the soap star will have to bow out of the program to go on maternity – and the time has come for her to leave.

In scenes due to air next week, Vanessa prepares to leave the eponymous village for Canada.

But before she can do so, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) has a big decision to make about buying Jamie’s share of the veterinary business.

This will wreak havoc in for Vanessa, causing her stress before her departure.

Time runs out when Kim Tate (Claire King) arrives, demanding an answer.

Soon, Vanessa is unimpressed when her pal Rhona tells her about buying Jamie’s share and things get heated between them.

Tensions escalate as Rhona reveals the conditions of the new contract – Kim will be getting 15% off veterinary bills.

This prompts Vanessa to let her know she’s accepting a new job opportunity across the Atlantic ocean.

The tipsy and furious pair continue to argue and hit rock bottom when they both bring up things which are better left to rest in the past.

But Vanessa will also be facing trouble in her relationship with Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

Following her altercation with Rhona, she’s nursing a mighty hangover and with Suzy missing, Vanessa is anxious.

She’s stunned to find her partner giggling with Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) amongst a mass of cake, tissue and tears.

Vanessa immediately assumes they have both relapsed in their cocaine addiction and is fuming.

But instead of convincing her she’s innocent, Suzy is tired of setting her straight and annoyed at her lack of trust in her.

Leyla is the one who provides evidence of their sobriety, leaving Vanessa mortified to have jumped to conclusions.

But the damage is done – soon enough, Vanessa and Suzy are heartbroken as they come to terms with the fact their relationship is over.

Vanessa doesn’t let the breakup deter her from attending her farewell party at The Woolpack but everyone is shocked to find out that Suzy won’t be joining her in Canada.

Emotions run high and Vanessa is in a flood of tears as she realises things are over for her in the Dales.

Residents say their emotional goodbyes to Vanessa while she puts the last of her belongings in the taxi driving her away from Emmerdale.

Is it really the end for Vanessa Woodfield?

The character reappeared in the Dales in 2021 after Michelle Hardwick gave birth to her first child.

And following her breakup with Suzy, could fans finally get the “Vanity” reunion they’ve been hoping for?

Emmerdale airs on ITV.

Vanessa and Suzy realise their relationship is over

The village vet is even convinced Suzy has relapsed with Leyla