Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle blackmailed by DI Malone after Will begs him for help


DI MALONE sets his sights on Cain Dingle next week in Emmerdale after blackmailing Will into drug dealing.

The corrupt cop trashes the garage after Cain confronts him over his dodgy dealings on the ITV soap. But how far will he go with his revenge?

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Will admits to Cain that DI Malone is blackmailing him into dealing drugs in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans know that the past has recently come back to haunt Will when he revealed his old drugs boss and gangmaster was back in the village – and on the hunt for revenge.

Will had been hiding a loaded gun in his house to protect his family from the gangsters from his past.

But when Dawn’s son Lucas got hold of the gun while playing, Will was forced to explain himself before Harriet asked Cain to dispose of the gun.

Things then took a dark turn for the worst when Cain ended up shooting Nate with the weapon when he mistook him for a livestock thief.

And now Emmerdale spoilers have confirmed that DI Malone – Will’s old drugs boss – will bring trouble for Will and Cain as he questions them over the shooting.

In an episode next week, DI Malone tricks Will into doing another drugs job for him – much to the mechanic’s dismay.

Later at the garage, Cain’s suspicions are piqued when he comes across a package hidden in Malone’s car and calls Will over for a chat.

When Will admits everything, Cain decides to go and confront Malone about it.

Cain finds a mysterious package in the garage and quizzes Will in Emmerdale
Cain finds a mysterious package in the garage and quizzes Will in Emmerdale

Cain agrees to meet Malone in a layby but kicks himself when he gets back and realises he’s been tricked – the garage has been trashed and Moira’s bull has been murdered.

Cain is further dismayed when the cop who turns up to question him about the incident is none other than Malone and is fuming as he smugly asks him who might bear a grudge against him.

The mechanic is shaken by Malone’s actions and even more put out when it turns out the detective hasn’t finished with him yet.

But what more does Malone have in store for Cain?