Emmerdale spoilers: Chas Dingle takes drastic action to deal with Liv Flaherty’s alcohol relapse


CHAS Dingle takes drastic action to deal with Liv Flaherty’s alcohol relapse in Emmerdale next week.

The youngster – played by Isobel Steele in the ITV soap – has turned to the bottle to try and help her guilty conscience after lying about her involvement in Paul Ashdale‘s death.

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Liv Flaherty has been drinking to try and cope with the lies she’s told about trying to save Paul Ashdale in the fire

Last week Liv started drowning her sorrows with alcohol after confessing to boyfriend Vinny that she didn’t actually try to save his dad in the wedding barn explosion.

As she comes to terms with her lies, the teen thinks that the only way of feeling better is by drinking lots of booze.

Her brother Aaron tries to stop her and even pleads with Vinny to help, but neither of them want to listen.

Liv decides to head to the pub to get more drink and bumps into a stranger called Max, who shows a real interest in her.

Liv has also fallen out with boyfriend Vinny

Aaron tries to stop her from doing something she’ll regret, but gets angry at him for trying to intervene.

Out of spight she spends the night with him.

The mechanic decides to give his sister some space and spends the night on mum Chas’ sofa.

The pub landlady can’t watch her son suffer any longer and goes over to Liv’s place, locks the door and grabs her phone.

Chas decides that enough is enough and intervenes to help save Liv

Chas decides that the only way they can all get through this is if Liv is on house arrest until she sobers herself up.

Will Chas’ drastic idea help Liv or will it make things worse?

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