Emmerdale spoilers: Dan Spencer makes a move on Wendy Posner and leaves Bob Hope devastated


DAN Spencer steps on Bob Hope’s toes next week as he makes a move on Wendy Posner. 

Bob – who is played by Tony Audenshaw in the ITV soap – will lay it on thick for Wendy but is upset when their romantic evening doesn’t go to plan. 

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Bob goes over the top making a move on Wendy

Viewers will see Bob confide in Dan about how he and Wendy have yet to consummate their relationship next week.

He’s enthused when Dan encourages him to go for it. 

But later, when Bob plies Wendy with oysters, opera and dark chocolate, he’s confused when his efforts have the opposite reaction to what he was hoping and Wendy rushes off. 

Bob is worried he’s overstepped the mark when Wendy rushes off
Bob is worried when he finds Dan Spencer getting cosy with Wendy

Later, with Wendy gone, Bob worries he’s overstepped the mark. 

The following day, Dan pops over and offers to fix Wendy’s car for free.

Bob is jealous when he sees the pair chatting and worries Wendy fancies her chances with Dan.

Wendy makes dinner for Dan and Bob, but when Bob is called off to the pub to deal with a delivery he’s hesitant to leave them alone together. 

Bob confronts Wendy and demands to know where he stands

The next day, Dan makes another excuse to pay Wendy a visit and Bob is unsettled when he returns to find them playing cards together.

Bob sees red and confronts the pair asking Wendy where he stands. 

Will Bob risk pushing Wendy away?

Emmerdale viewers know that Bob has struggled reading the signs with Wendy from day one.

Bob brutally rejected her after her love letter ended up in the wrong hands.

Thinking Wendy had feelings for Rishi and not him, Bob rejected Wendy when she tried to get him to talk about his feelings and left her in tears.

Bob then put his foot in it again when he grew jealous of Wendy texting a mystery person.

Deciding to play Wendy at her own game, Bob applied for a dating site to make her jealous, but was mortified when he realised he’d got the wrong end of the stick.